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First of all, welcome to Hanayaka! This is my new mini TCG project that focuses on anime, manga and games bishoujo characters. I still have a long way to go before I could get this up for prejoiners, so I don't have an exact date for prejoin as of yet. Or this project is still tentative for me at least, so to speak because I also some other TCGs that are planned to be made/reopened.

But just in case you are interested to have a new bishoujo TCG, I will keep you guys updated with my to-do lists and progress while I also complete some of my TCGs! I don't have an official email for this TCG at the moment, so if you have any questions, you can send them directly to reijou.net@gmail.com or drop me a message via Discord (Aki#6429).

Graphics Preview

These are the preview of some of the card templates that I'll be using for this TCG. The card size is 101x101 pixels which is a square card! I kind of want to stay away from horizontal templates for this one, so let's keep the gals cute and simple.

For the collateral, the currency that will be used for this TCG are stars. I wanted to use flowers or hearts but they are kind of pretty used up (well, stars too LOL). There will be no coupons for this TCG but I will add more items as soon as I make some progress with the information and such.

To-Do Lists

  • CORE Admin December 01, 2020
  • Information - December 07, 2020
    • Hanayaka TCG
    • TCG 101
    • Cards and Deck Types
    • Levels and Masteries
    • Gaining Reference
    • Donation Guidelines - December 09, 2020
  • Member Panel - December 05, 2020
    • Profile Page
    • Level Badges - December 09, 2020
    • Trade Cards
  • Cards Page - December 06, 2020
  • Interactive - December 07, 2020
    • Weekly Set
    • Bi-weekly Set A
    • Bi-weekly Set B
    • Monthly
  • Services - December 06, 2020
    • Level Ups
    • Masteries
    • Trading Rewards
    • Edit Status / Information
    • Quit Hanayaka
  • Sitely
    • Event Cards - December 09, 2020
    • Affiliates - December 08, 2020
    • Credits - December 08, 2020
    • Randomizers


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